This year marks the 55th anniversary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong was established in 1963 when our three Founding Colleges were united in their vision for a new institution of higher education in Hong Kong. Over the last 55 years, CUHK has continued to uphold its mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. I take enormous pride in being able to lead our teachers and students to carry on this legacy.

At the beginning of this splendid story, CUHK had only 1,395 students and about 100 staff members. Today, CUHK has nine colleges, eight faculties and one graduate school, and is the academic home for more than 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from different parts of the world. It is supported by a full-time staff force of nearly 8,000 teachers, researchers and administrators and constitutes a closely knit community that contributes to society in many different ways.

The CUHK story was not written in one day. Every page and paragraph of it is filled with the foresight of our founders, the leadership of our former vice-chancellors, the diligence of teachers and students, and the support of our alumni and benefactors. We must remember their effort and uphold their enterprising spirit.

To continue this story, we are ready to follow in the footsteps of our eminent predecessors, and develop our University into a forward-looking, comprehensive research university with a global vision. As well as academic excellence, our efforts will always be directed towards developing our young men and women as leaders of tomorrow.

The 55th Anniversary Celebration Organising Committee will soon roll out an assortment of activities. I invite all CUHK members to join in the celebration of the achievements of these fruitful 55 years, and to pass on our most valued tradition and spirit. I deeply appreciate the efforts of all those who have helped in the planning and organisation of the celebration. It is my sincere hope that CUHK will continue to receive active and generous support from all sectors of the community.

Rocky S. Tuan

Vice-Chancellor and President