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'The Pursuit of Wisdom' Public Lecture Series - Prof. Helen MENG

3 June 2019

“Artificial Intelligence” in science fiction movies threatens the future of mankind from time to time.  Is this actually the case?

Prof. Helen Meng of CUHK Faculty of Engineering has been studying artificial intelligence for years. She is also an expert in speech and language technologies. In recent years, Prof. Meng has been dedicated to developing Cantonese intelligent speech systems for patients with strokes and cerebral palsy to facilitate their reintegration into society. Prof. Meng gave the fifth lecture in ‘The Pursuit of Wisdom’ Public Lecture Series on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Speaking and Listening for Learning and Well-Being" on 3 June. The lecture drew about 200 CUHK staff members and students, alumni, secondary school students and members of the public. Professor Meng talked about her experiences and achievements in her field of scientific research. She had a fruitful discussion with the moderators and also took questions from the audience.


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